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Blue Smoke

best practices

All staff members working the event should have the operations on-call number saved to their phones in the event they need assistance from a Rivalry Tech team member (979-243-2117).

  • Only bottled/canned drinks

  • No draft beer or fountain soda (unless fountain soda is at a remote location and you canhand the fan empty cups to fill)

  • Keep the menu simple to allow for speed

  • No fried items

  • Only offer hot box/“grab ‘n’ go” hot food

    • Ex No cheese poured on nachos, no chili on hotdogs, etc.)

  • No cook-to-order items or items that require prep after the order is received

    • Ex No freshcut deli sandwiches, no sliced brisket, etc.)


  • Events should be overstaffed by projected labor needs, then scale up or down based on demand (read reviews/ratings before selecting staffing vendors)

  • For operations to run smoothly, there needs to be a designated, trained, staff member at every event for maintaining the food inventory at each stand. This person will be aware of when inventory is getting low and need to be turned off

  • Factor in prep time prior to events (for example, if you are serving burgers, you should knowhow long the kitchen takes to prep them, in order to restock the items in a timely manner)

  • There also needs to be a designated staff member (stand manager) for customer issues and resolutions

  • Each stand should have a “stand reference guide” provided by sEATz. This is a laminated booklet with step-by-step instructions for staff tkjl that may have a question about how the software works, refunds, etc.

  • All staff should have knowledge of our help center page that contains detailed troubleshooting articles



  • Testing of the software, printer, Wi-Fi connection, etc. should always be conducted prior to doors opening

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